10 Steps to Ensuring Rental Fleet Safety with the ForWare Fleet Maintenance System

Recent reports from the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) in the UK have highlighted a troubling trend in the rental vehicle industry: an increasing number of hire cars and vans are being delivered in poor mechanical condition. The AFP’s Mega Fleets Committee has noted this issue is widespread among its membersPaul Hollick, AFP chair, remarked on a noticeable decline in the roadworthiness of hire vehicles, which seems to be more pronounced in some hire companies than others.

Toby Poston, Director of Corporate Affairs at the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), attributes this decline to the ageing fleet of rental vehicles. Although global vehicle supply issues have improved, the rental fleet remains older than pre-pandemic standards, leading to a higher incidence of mechanical faults. Despite regular maintenance and adherence to the BVRLA Rental Code of Conduct, older vehicles inevitably face more issues.

This situation underscores the critical need for robust fleet maintenance systems to ensure vehicles remain safe and roadworthy. Enter ForWare Fleet Maintenance, a comprehensive solution designed to effectively address these challenges. Here’s how ForWare can help keep your automotive fleet in top condition:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnostics

    ForWare Fleet Maintenance uses an open API to allow fleets to use advanced telematics and diagnostic tools to monitor vehicle health in real-time in the ForWare System. This enables automotive fleet managers to detect and address issues before they escalate into major problems. The system can identify outstanding fault codes and schedule timely maintenance, ensuring vehicles do not develop severe mechanical issues.
  2. Scheduled Maintenance Alerts

    One of ForWare’s key features is its ability to automate maintenance schedules. Fleet managers receive alerts for routine checks and servicing, which is crucial for older vehicles that are more prone to wear and tear. This proactive approach minimises the risk of breakdowns and keeps vehicles in optimal condition.
  3. Comprehensive Vehicle History Tracking

    ForWare maintains a detailed history of each vehicle, documenting all maintenance activities, repairs, and inspections. This transparency is invaluable for automotive fleet managers who need to ensure compliance with safety standards and the BVRLA’s Rental Code of Conduct. It also helps in making informed decisions about when to retire or replace ageing vehicles.
  4. Enhanced Communication with Suppliers

    Effective communication with rental suppliers is vital, especially when dealing with non-roadworthy vehicles. ForWare facilitates seamless communication by providing detailed reports and maintenance records that can be shared with suppliers. This ensures issues are documented and addressed promptly, and if necessary, provides a basis for seeking alternative suppliers.
  5. Improved Fleet Utilisation and Cost Efficiency

    By keeping vehicles well-maintained and reducing downtime, ForWare enhances overall fleet utilisation. Fleet managers can maximise the use of each vehicle, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby lowering operational costs. This is particularly beneficial given the current challenges in the vehicle supply chain.
  6. Ensuring Compliance and Safety

    ForWare helps fleets adhere to regulatory requirements and safety standards more effectively. The system’s comprehensive tracking and reporting features ensure that all vehicles meet roadworthiness criteria, protecting the safety of employees and other road users.
  7. Flexible and Controlled Fleet Management

    ForWare’s agnostic system design allows seamless integration with your existing workshop network and preferred suppliers. This approach maintains your established relationships and provides the flexibility to expand your network to include more suppliers, enhancing your operational flexibility.
  8. Optimised Supply Chain and Service Processes

    The ability to connect with chosen suppliers and workshops enables you to optimise your supply chain and service processes. This customisable approach ensures you are not locked into any single provider, giving you the power to negotiate better terms and access a broader range of services.
  9. Enhanced Workshop Support and Efficiency

    By providing your workshops with access to the ForWare system, you enable them to better manage your automotive fleet’s maintenance needs. They can utilise features such as service history tracking and service reminders, which act as a second line of defence, reducing the administrative burden on your team and ensuring timely maintenance.
  10. Comprehensive Tracking and Auditability

    As expected from a leading fleet maintenance system, ForWare offers comprehensive tracking and is fully auditable. Every aspect of your fleet’s maintenance is meticulously documented, providing you with a clear, transparent record of all activities. This not only helps in maintaining high standards of service but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and enhances overall accountability.



The issues highlighted by the AFP and BVRLA serve as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining fleet vehicles in roadworthy condition. While the ageing fleet and supply chain disruptions pose significant challenges, tools like ForWare Fleet Maintenance system provide a robust solution. By leveraging real-time monitoring, and scheduled maintenance, ForWare helps automotive fleet managers ensure that their vehicles remain safe, reliable, and ready for the road.

In an era where the assumption that rental vehicles are automatically safe no longer holds, adopting a proactive and technologically advanced maintenance system is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Automotive fleet managers must prioritise vehicle safety and roadworthiness, and ForWare Fleet Maintenance offers the tools necessary to achieve this goal.

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Alan is a positive and proactive automotive professional with over 25 years of extensive experience in the motor trade.

Alan has been vital in developing and driving the ForWare System and implementing core workshop processes with some of the most significant state and private fleets in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

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