The all-in-one platform for EV Fleet Maintenance

EVs, revolutionising Fleet Management

With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), fleet management is undergoing its most significant disruption since transitioning from horse-drawn carts to internal combustion engines.

This transition brings new challenges for Fleet Managers, requiring them to rethink maintenance structures and even the locations where fleets are serviced.

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Introducing ForWare EVs: Simplifying the transition

ForWare EVs offers a seamless fleet management solution, whether you have a mix of EVs and internal combustion (IC) vehicles or are transitioning to an all-electric fleet.

If you already have an existing service network for EVs, IC vehicles, or both, ForWare allows for easy importation into its system.

No EV service partner? No problem!

If your fleet currently lacks an EV service partner, ForWare EVs can assist. We can connect you with our EV Workshops within our established network, ensuring that your fleet’s needs and location(s) are suitably matched.

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ForWare EVs Dashboard

Centralised fleet service administration

Having multiple fleet service agents or a single provider should not mean doubling your administrative workload. ForWare EVs consolidates all your invoices into a single monthly bill.

Additionally, all booking functions and service history are conveniently stored in one location, regardless of whether you utilize one garage or a hundred. Maximize productivity without multiplying effort.

Meeting the needs of mission-critical fleets for over a decade

A market leader in fleet maintenance systems

A flexible and customisable system that works for the user and allows for easy integration with other systems

Constantly evolving and adding new features based on customer feedback

Web-based and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and industry-first video capabilities

Compatibility with manufacturer service plans and the ability to create custom plans

Real-time authorisation and unified billing to streamline the billing process

Support for electrification and the ability to match fleets with authorised EV-service agents

Customer online contactless payment supported

Trusted by private fleets, police, ambulance and other mission-critical fleets ​​​​​​​for over 13 years

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