A market leader in fleet maintenance systems

A decade of reliability for diverse fleets

ForWare, a recognised leader in fleet maintenance systems, has provided over a decade of reliability for fleets in various industries throughout Ireland. This includes serving fleets in Emergency Services and various mission-critical sectors and beyond. Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast as we continue to support the diverse needs of fleets nationwide.

We’ve helped fleets large and small streamline their operations and cut down on admin time.

Very much a dynamic product, we’ve evolved with our customers, constantly listening to and working with Fleet Managers to tweak and optimise our system to make it the most flexible and comprehensive fleet maintenance software system out there.

Helping hand for flexible fleet maintenance

A flexible fleet maintenance system that works for you, not the other way around

With inadequate systems, Fleet Managers often end up tailoring their work processes to suit the system, and in doing so hindering their productivity and workflow. With ForWare, this simply doesn’t happen. Our system is customisable to suit individual fleets and workshops. It also allows for easy integration with other systems, such as Keyloop DMS, for example. Dashboards are customisable and reports can be set to suit your requirements.

A fleet maintenance system that is constantly evolving

ForWare is constantly adding new features, often based on customer feedback. We don’t believe in making users wait months or years for updates; if we think a new feature would be useful, we add it, simple.

ForWare Fleet Maintenance software
ForWare Fleets

Ease-of-use is at the forefront of our fleet maintenance system

ForWare is web-based, so there’s no installation required. It can be accessed practically anywhere with a web connection, and there’s no hardware needed. This also means the customer doesn’t ever need to install updates; the system does it seamlessly. The interface is designed with ease-of-use in mind, we can have users trained up in around 30 minutes.

Industry-first VHC plus video

ForWare includes an industry-first two-way video platform between the repairer and authoriser. Technicians can record, pause, and watch back videos during the VHC. Again, ease-of-use is built into the system; mechanics can use it without gloves and instantly select vehicle issues, causes, and repairs needed. Manufacturer service times are built-in, and the health check templates can be customised too.

ForWare Fleets
Fleet maintenance

Fleet Service Plan Integration

The ForWare system is compatible with all manufacturer Service Plans, including branded portals and service requirement prediction notifications. It also allows for fleet, repairer or customer-designed Service Plan options. This allows for custom plans for second-hand vehicles or lease agreements. An online payment and billing facility is also available.

Authorisation at your finger tips

When it comes to turning around fleet service jobs, delays in work authorisation can be a stumbling block for many Fleet Managers and Workshop Managers alike.  ForWare includes real-time authorisation, which includes an easily-accessible Service History for each vehicle. Automatic authorisation rules can be built-in (e.g. specific repair rules, time of day rules, cost rules). And if the authoriser is out of office, they can temporarily assign another authoriser to their jobs. They can also switch on auto-pilot, set auto-authorisation rules, and activate authorisation service within their dashboard.

ForWare Fleets
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Flexible, unified billing for Fleet service work

ForWare also aims to streamline the often unwieldy billing process between workshops and Fleet Managers. Whether you deal with one workshop or twenty, we can collate all your bills into one unified bill per month. This saves so much time and effort in admin alone, your Accounts Department will thank you for it!  The dashboard is customisable, and gives you access to all payments, remittances and credits.

A system that helps Fleet Managers embrace electrification

Electrification may be a source of anxiety for some Fleet Managers, but it needn’t be. ForWare can help match your fleet to authorised EV-service agents where needed. If you’re worried about having to deal with multiple workshops and multiple invoices, we can act as a central touchpoint, complete with unified billing.

Charging battery of an electric car in city
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A comprehensive support system

Our world-class Support Team is always there to help you as you go, be it by email, chat, or phone. We constantly take on feedback and pass it on to our Development team.

Business Class support is included with every package, Enterprise Level support is also available.

Meeting the needs of mission-critical fleets for over a decade

A market leader in fleet maintenance systems

A flexible and customisable system that works for the user and allows for easy integration with other systems

Constantly evolving and adding new features based on customer feedback

Web-based and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and industry-first video capabilities

Compatibility with manufacturer service plans and the ability to create custom plans

Real-time authorisation and unified billing to streamline the billing process

Support for electrification and the ability to match fleets with authorised EV-service agents

Customer online contactless payment supported

Trusted by private fleets, police, ambulance and other mission-critical fleets ​​​​​​​for over 13 years

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