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Compliance is an essential part of Fleet Management. It keeps your vehicles and their drivers safe and ensures that you satisfy all necessary legal requirements that come with maintaining and operating a fleet.

Without the right system in place, this can be a lot to handle; it can grow unwieldy very quickly and cause reliability and even legal issues if not adhered to correctly. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and ForWare has a solution to make compliance as easy as it can be for Fleet Managers.

Step forward, ForWare Compliance.

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Fleet Managers can track and book all mandatory vehicle tests easily

With ForWare Compliance, Fleet Managers can track and book tests for NCT, MOT, and CVRT from one simple touch point—no need for multiple logins across multiple sites.

It enables the user to access all test-related documents, results, and schedules.

ForWare Compliance also allows for custom events such as tail lift inspections or tachograph-related Compliance. All of these requirements can be tracked through a customer view login; Fleet Managers can use this to verify documentation and compliance procedures with vehicle inspectors.

Easily action post-test follow-up work for your fleet

With other systems, Fleet Managers often baulk at the effort of keeping track of requested follow-up work after a vehicle test; ForWare Compliance makes this a doddle.

If a vehicle needs follow-up work after a test, this too can be quickly booked into any of the workshops on the ForWare system. This saves the need for multiple logins and booking systems. ForWare Compliance is a one-stop-shop for all your vehicle testing needs. Not only that, but ForWare Compliance also enables Fleet Managers to track the status of a vehicle as it passes through a repair or VHC process.

Fleet Managers get notifications and verifications as the vehicle passes through each stage, including authorisation requests and verifications that the work has been carried out on the vehicle.

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ForWare Compliance Software

Access all your fleet compliance documentation with a simple click

Compliance for Fleet Managers goes beyond merely attending vehicle tests; managing a fleet can create many compliance documents. These documents are in most cases a legal requirement to verify your fleet’s compliance with state regulations. Such documents must be on hand and available to the RSA when requested. So you need to ensure that your filing is in good order so you can place your hand on these documents at a moment’s notice. This is very time-consuming, cumbersome and mistakes can happen.

By using the ForWare compliance system, any document or image can be electronically stored against the relevant Event (for example, an NCT or MOT test). Storing information centrally and against the actual event, booking means that document retrieval is available at the Fleet Managers’ fingertips at any location, wherever they are working from.

Fleet Managers simply log in to the ForWare system and input the registration of the vehicle —this allows them to see all documents and related history—very useful when keeping an eye on their regional operators to ensure they are compliant, as well as for any RSA audits or investigations.

The system will also store car and van fleet documentation like NCT certs, Tax, and insurance. We also provide custom checks like tail lift inspection or daily walkaround checks, which can be custom-made to suit your fleet requirements; all this essential information is now instantly accessible within ForWare.

Electronic document storage gives companies extra peace of mind that vehicles are compliant. With the advent of hybrid working fleets, Fleet Managers can now run their fleets from anywhere while working in a paperless environment.

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