Streamline your service scheduling with ForWare events

Streamlining service event management for Fleet Managers

ForWare Events helps Fleet Managers schedule service-related events, including Vehicle Health Checks (VHCs), based on either dates or live mileage. For instance, if a vehicle requires service either after 25,000 km or 2 years, ForWare can notify the manager when the vehicle reaches either of these criteria, whichever comes first. This feature is crucial for maintaining smooth operations, adhering to manufacturer-recommended service schedules, and ensuring warranty compliance.

Fleet Managers can effectively manage their fleet maintenance program with the assistance of ForWare.

Helps Fleet Managers keep on top of vehicle service and VHC requirements

Eliminates the need for manual reminders

Simplifies the process of creating maintenance schedules for your fleet

Makes compliance with manufacturer Warranty guidelines easier

Automated notifications means that Fleet Managers don’t have to rely on the driver telling them when the service is due

Built-in spec for individual OEM (Orignal Equipment Manufacturer) service requirements

ForWare Events also collates your vehicle and driver documentation

The remit of ForWare Events extends beyond that of service and VHC reminders. Fleet Managers can use it to collate information on tax, insurance, and driver documentation for each vehicle.

No longer do you need to store and access all of this on multiple systemsForWare Events brings everything Fleet Managers require to the tip of their fingers.

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