Choosing the Right Fleet Maintenance Software: A Buyer’s Guide

Any business is only as good as the systems and processes that support it. Fleet Management is no exception here. This is why, when it comes to choosing Fleet Maintenance Software, Fleet Managers must take time to make sure that they’re selecting the best; there’s no point investing in a poor system only to discover months down the road that it doesn’t fulfill your fleet maintenance requirements efficiently or comprehensively. In this article, we will explore what all Fleet Managers should look for when selecting Fleet Maintenance Software, and what features make up the best.

What is Fleet Maintenance Software?

Fleet Maintenance Software is a system that enables Fleet Managers to effectively and comprehensively plan, record, and execute fleet maintenance programs across their fleet(s). The best Fleet Maintenance Software will cover the fleet maintenance cycle at every stage from booking to repair through to billing, while also recording all associated service history and associated admin.

Good Fleet Maintenance Software should be easily integrated with other systems

A critical area to consider when choosing the right Fleet Maintenance software is how easy it is to integrate with other systems you or your service partners may use. For instance, can it plug into your workshop’s DMS system? If the answer is no, then you will end up with a lot of extra admin and handling, from researching service history to booking and invoicing. ForWare is an example of a Fleet Management system compatible with major DMS platforms, such as KeyLoop. 

A Good Fleet Maintenance system should be adaptive to change

The motor trade is in a state of flux like never before. Therefore, when choosing Fleet Maintenance software, it’s vital that you not only consider your current requirements and processes but that the system you chose is future-proofed for changes that may lie ahead. There’s little point in investing in a system that’s fixed and rigid if it’s going to prove unadaptable to process changes in a few years; you’ll either end up with costly upgrades or have to replace it again entirely. ForWare is dynamic,  adapting and frequently adding new applications as requirements and processes change throughout the motor trade. 

Look for Fleet Maintenance Software that allows for seamless job authorisation

Anyone who works in the motor trade servicing sphere will tell you, there’s nothing more frustrating than delays in vehicle work authorisation when it comes to turning around a repair efficiently. It often results in a seemingly endless game of missed phone calls and sitting around waiting. A good Fleet Maintenance Software should streamline this process, and that’s exactly what ForWare does with Automatic Work Authorisation. A repair authorisation request can be sent directly from the technician to the customer, who then simply has to approve or reject the request at the tap of a button. No more time wasted by Service Advisors trying to call out-of-reach customers. It’s that simple. 

Good Fleet Maintenance Software should be compatible with all major motor manufacturers

We’ve already discussed how good Fleet Maintenance software should be easy to integrate with other software systems used by fleets and garages. So too should it be readily compatible with Service Packs, Vehicle Health Check specs, Video, Warranty Information, etc, specific to your fleet. ForWare incorporates all of this, being compatible with all major motor manufacturers’ specs. For instance, predictive maintenance schedules can be set according to the Service Pack and/or Warranty requirements of your vehicles. It can also be customised for lease fleets and second-hand vehicles. Simply plug and play.

Good Fleet Maintenance Software should include Unified Billing

As should be by now apparent, good Fleet Maintenance Software should be all about streamlining your admin processes. And this is just as important when it comes to the invoicing stage as it is for the repair itself. With a less efficient system, post-repair billing often involves individual invoices being sent for each vehicle, sometimes in fact multiple invoices for the same vehicle depending on what work was carried out. And if you’re using multiple garages (for example, one for your EVs and one for your ICE fleet) then this paperwork multiplies even more. There has to be a better way to do this, and ForWare is one such way. ForWare users get one request for payment each month, regardless of how many vehicles or even garages are involved. It’s all consolidated into one, easy-to-manage, monthly request. It’s a win-win for Fleet Managers and Accounts Departments alike. 

Video VHC should be a must when choosing Fleet Maintenance Software

Transparency is key to the smooth running of any operation, including Fleet Maintenance; you need to know what you’re paying for. This is where Video VHC comes into its own. ForWare was the first in the industry to offer Two-Way Video VHC as a basic component of a Fleet Maintenance Software package. This enables direct, transparent communication between the technician and the authoriser on all aspects of a vehicle repair job. It’s web-based, requiring no clunky hardware, and is designed for ease of use even in greasy workshop environments.

Why ForWare stands out from other Fleet Maintenance Software

ForWare is constantly evolving to suit the requirements of our customers. With most Fleet Management software packages, there can be months or even years between updates or new features to be rolled out. ForWare doesn’t believe in making Fleet Managers wait for a better product; if we can implement a suggestion to make life easier for our users, we do it there and then, seamlessly. Our development team constantly listens for feedback from Fleet Managers and other users; we believe in proactive development, not reactive. 

We hope that the above has been insightful. If you’re seeking out the above kind of software to make your Fleet Management life easier (not to mention, that of your colleagues) then get in touch with ForWare today for a free demonstration. Call Alan on 021 484 5554 or email

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