ForWare Workshop Network Benefits

ForWare Workshop Network Benefits

Are you currently changing your Fleet Vehicles? Or are you going to run your current Fleet a little longer? In either case, would you like to be in control of the service and maintenance spend on your Fleet in real-time? Would you like to avoid the surprises that normally only arise when the invoice lands? Of course, you would. 

With fleets covering the length and breadth of Ireland, you may find that you have some areas where there just isn’t the right service support, necessitating long and wasteful trips to service providers perhaps 100s of km away. We can help with that. Did you know that ForWare has its own network of service partners covering even the most remote of regions across Ireland? ForWare also give you the flexibility to add your own trusted workshop partners. This guarantees you nationwide cover for your fleet.

Working directly with a garage network can save you a lot of time and money;  up until now, however, it has been very difficult for a Fleet Manager to control cost variance, SLAs, Authorisation and billing, when working with independent networks. ForWare takes on all this hassle for you, leaving you with just one touch point to deal with.

We are working with fleets of all sizes, so if you’re running 5 or 6 cars up to 6000 vans we have the solution to suit you. Get access to your own custom VHC checks and video of required repairs so you can authorise jobs quickly and get your fleet (and staff) back on the road. You can even introduce automatic system rules for authorisation and there’s even an optional extra that allows you to include service plans*. 

ForWare allows you to agree national SLAs and lock them into the ForWare system giving you consistency throughout your network and even reducing time spent on post-repair invoices  — removing the pain of having to deal with a multitude of invoices a month.

With no installation required and NO setup fees we can have your fleet up and running in no time. It’s a no-brainer, and we’ve picked out just some of the benefits to be had for your fleet below:

Fleet Service Consistency

You may be concerned that relying on a variety of garages may lead to service consistency problems. Fear not. All our Service Partners work to agreed SLAs which can be locked into the ForWare system. We already have major national emergency fleets working with us, so you can have confidence in us.

Know when your cars/vans need to be serviced

Being able to predict vehicle downtime is of major benefit to your fleet. This allows you to adequately plan for not only service and parts costs but also make the most efficient use of your spare vehicles so as to adequately cover for vehicles in the workshop for a leaner operation. Not only is it more time efficient, it can even help you streamline your spare vehicle capacity when it comes to fleet renewal. With ForWare CRM will keep your fleet drivers up to date on all service requirements and with your permission your authorised repairer can even book directly with your drivers, cutting out time spent by your staff being the ‘middleman’ between driver and garage. All this reduces wasted time and hassle for everyone and allows you to effectively predict upcoming service costs and courtesy car requirements, leading to a smoother fleet operation all round.

Time is money

With other systems, much time (and thus productivity) is wasted on job authorisation, with services held up while the authoriser is found. This often involves tedious and numerous phone calls before a job is even begun, which can lead to delays, which in turn leads to disgruntled customers and frustrated staff. It’s a no win. With ForWare, authorisation is built into the system so you can get jobs authorised at the click of your fingers, cutting out all that time-wasting to-ing and fro-ing, letting staff get on with their job and getting the car back to the driver on time.

Streamline your Fleet’s Financial outlay

By choosing ForWare, your fleet will also benefit from streamlined costs and accounting processes. Many fleet companies have to deal with hundreds and thousands of separate invoices per quarter across various jobs – a tedious and time consuming administrative process. With ForWare you don’t have to worry about invoices coming into you in dribs and drabs; consistency is key to ForWare, with one invoice per month, with all repairs itemised in the format of your choosing; ForWare will manage the rest. We also ensure set labour and parts charges, allowing you to predict repair and servicing costs on a monthly basis. You can even reduce your fleet’s predictive service costs by pre-purchasing a bundle of parts and labour. We also have an additional option that gives you full integration with manufacturer service packs.*

Will I be able to login to this system or is it only for authorisation?

Yes you will be able to login to the full system and no it’s not just for authorising work, ForWare can give you access to data and analytical reports to help you manage your Fleet more cost effectively and keep you on budget. Analytics is a powerful tool in all areas of business and fleet management is no exception – keeping track of your data can pay dividends should it highlight a fleet efficiency problem or vehicle-specific trend.

We never looked after our own cars like this before. Is there support?

Yes — right from the get-go we provide full support. As part of the setup we provide a FREE consultation with one of our fleet experts, so you get the best from the system, and your network. We have a world class support team to keep your staff mobile and productive. Our team constantly takes on feedback and improves ForWare as we go — we don’t believe in waiting months or years for a system update — if we spot a way of making things better for our fleet customers, we implement it as soon as possible.

Alan ForWare

Alan is a positive and proactive automotive professional with over 25 years of extensive experience in the motor trade.

Alan has been vital in developing and driving the ForWare System and implementing core workshop processes with some of the most significant state and private fleets in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

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