Extended Lead Times in SMR Leave Fleets Stranded Without Vehicles

Home Blog November 6, 2023 Over the last few weeks, I have been hearing a lot about long lead in times and VOR (Vehicle off the road)—we all know that there is a capacity issue and this has been confounded by the lack of new blood in the industry (although industry groups like the IMI […]

Boosting Fleet Productivity: Steps to Minimise Downtime

Steps to Minimise Fleet Downtime

Home Blog July 15, 2023 Keeping your vehicle downtime low is essential to good Fleet Management; it reduces costs and increases productivity. It might sound like something that’s hard to avoid, but with some careful planning, you can save on quite a lot of fleet downtime. You can even save on the number of cars […]

Benefits of Implementing a Fleet Maintenance Program

Benefits of Implementing a Fleet Maintenance Program

Home Blog June 30, 2023 An effective Fleet Maintenance program is essential to your fleet’s efficiency (and, in turn, your business’s). When setting up a Fleet Maintenance program, you need to plan out and consider vehicle type(s), expected mileage, manufacturer guidelines around Vehicle Health Checks and service intervals. Detailed record-keeping is also essential. It’s a […]

Ensuring Smooth Fleet Operations: A Manager’s Checklist

Ensuring Smooth Fleet Operations

Home Blog June 10, 2023 A slick operation is integral to the success of any business, especially those that rely on a vehicle fleet. This places a lot of pressure on Fleet Managers, but with a well-executed Fleet Management plan, this need not be a source of stress. In this article, I’ll look at some […]

ForWare Workshop Network Benefits

ForWare Workshop Network Benefits

Home Blog May 30, 2023 Are you currently changing your Fleet Vehicles? Or are you going to run your current Fleet a little longer? In either case, would you like to be in control of the service and maintenance spend on your Fleet in real-time? Would you like to avoid the surprises that normally only […]

Avoiding Common Fleet Management Mistakes: Best Practices for Success

Avoiding Common Fleet Management Mistakes

Home Blog May 25, 2023 Fleet Management is a complex role that affects virtually every area of your business, from Sales to Customer Service to Finance. Keep things running smoothly and you as a Fleet Manager might not be noticed, but you can be sure you’ll be the first in the firing line when things […]

The Rise of Electric Fleets: A Silent Invasion

The Rise of Electric Fleets A Silent Invasion

Home Blog May 17, 2023 Once a novelty, you don’t have to wander far these days to witness an EV buzzing by. At the time of writing, electric cars represented a whopping 7827 of new vehicle registrations in Ireland so far in 2021, versus 3613 for the same period just a year before. It’s not […]

Everything you need to know about Fleet Maintenance

eveything you need to know about fleet maintenance

Home Blog May 15, 2023 Fleet maintenance encompasses the processes undertaken to ensure that your fleet is safe, reliable, efficient and fit for use. Fleet management is a dynamic, complex and demanding process that has a far-reaching impact across your business on everything from ongoing upkeep to eventual resale value. In this article, I’ll go […]

ForWare: The Ultimate Fleet Maintenance System

ForWare The Ultimate Fleet Maintenance System

Home Blog May 14, 2023 ForWare is all about helping Fleet Managers and Service Managers become the best they can be. Not only is the system centred around ease of use – it’s about working and enhancing YOUR processes – not the other way around. Innovation and customisation have always been a critical part of […]